WordPress, It’s Not Just For Blogging, It’s a seriously great web creation tool.

For starters, not just for blogs, WordPress is a fully-fledged software package with over 40,000 plugins in its growing library. Also, it is not just limited to existing themes, they are fully customizable when using programs such as Divi 2.5, which is what we use here.

A few major worldwide brands use WordPress for their websites such as, CNN, CBS, Harvard business Review, New York Times, Mercedes Benz and Vogue, to name a few. At current rate, WordPress is the fastest-growing CMS for the last 5 years, claiming 80% of all sites that use a CMS.  For SEO, WordPress has been coded to be “SEO-friendly” and has no negative affect on search result pages.  WordPress supports responsive themes / theme building, and has a greater response from search engines since most people are using mobile devices now than on desktops. A fully secure platform, WordPress’ parent company, Automattic, employs the highest level security team, with 25 experts working daily against viral attacks and hackers. WordPress meets all the guidlines set by the World Wide Web Consortium as well as follows best practices established by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Yes we specialize in WordPress Development, but it won’t cost you more, why? Because the development time involved is about 1/2 the time it takes coding a site from scratch, allowing us to spend more quality time on the design aspects, than the work-ability of the site itself.

Below is a list provided by Elegant Themes that has plenty of showcases and statistics on why WordPress is our choice (and should be yours) for the best CMS out there.

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To view some samples please see here

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