Plugins for Divi

We highly recommend these Divi plugins, you will find yourself using these almost daily, we do.

Perky Animate Divi Plugin


Custom All-In-One Extended Module, in short, Perky Animate. This is a very powerful tool for extending the capabilities of any Divi module, buttons, animated text and lines, pop up videos, hover and reveal secondary information, the list goes on and on.

Divi Overlays Plugin


This all powerful overlay, can be activated in a number of ways, button, link, image, main menu and more. Also the overlay itself can be built as you would any normal divi page, so you can use any number of modules within. Also triggered by timer and URL activation.

Divi Overlays Plugin


With this extended fullwidth header module, you can animate multi-colored gradients in a semi-transparency, over an image – animate scrolling text, animate scroll down buttons, launch videos from button sets and sooooo much more.

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