Empanadas 3

Cuban deef fried pastry stuffed with choice of seasoned ground beef, chicken, pork or mango

Ropa vieja 12

Shredded beef, bell peppers, onions, cumin in a savory tomato sauce.

Chuletas de Puerco 12

Fried pork chops seasoned with our blend of spices.


Jerk Chicken Wings 8

Marinated Chicken with Jamaican herbs and spices, cooked over a hot grill. Served with Caribbean Rice.

Curry Goat Sliders 8

Tender goat simmered in house blend curry spices. Served with Caribbean Rice.

Stew Fish Nuggets 14

Breaded pan fried fish with fresh herbs. Served with Caribbean Rice.

Puerto Rican

Mofongo 5

Mashed, fried and seasoned Plantain.

Pasteles 4

Made from green Banana.

Tostones Al Mojo 2

Twice fried green plantain chips.

Platanos Maduros 3

Fried sweet Plantains.

Spanish Tapas with a Caribbean twist. Otherwise known as starters, Tapas are small bite-size portions of entree style dishes.

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