Original Version no Divi Cloud

Using the cloud for access to 60 plus (evergrowing) layouts.

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Mojito (remixed) Layout

A cool Bar Layout with hidden menus and scrolling areas to promote with.

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All-In-One-Extended Module

What can this powerful plugin do for you?

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Tours layout for Divi Cloud and Booking Plugins

Divi Cloud

An exciting new service launched just a week and a half ago, a service that is designed to speed up your development process, with professional looking sites, and keeping your most important asset very happy, your client.

Divi Cloud, by Divi United.

This is a highly anticipated service / add-on, that connects directly to  your Divi dashboard and loads from a selection of ever growing layout choices fast.

I instantly thought to myself, is this for me? I take pride in creating custom layouts, and I have folders with layouts on my desktop. But this is different, this is visual, and already connected to my dashboard, and half of my clients cannot afford a custom designed layout. Well for a small $10 to $20 a month, you get access to very nice, professional layouts, that you can quickly load, semi-customized by you, and the price-point affordable to your client, yet keeps your hourly rate in the triple digits. To me, the monthly expense is a no brainer, and can easily be diversified amongst your projects, which in turn, speeds up your production.

Which leads me to my next exciting layout, ready for summer business, and the first of many creations that will be for the Agency Divi Cloud plan. Tours layout for Divi Cloud and Booking Plugins

Zenyatta Divi Layout for tour booking

Mojito Remixed – Divi Layout for Bars & Restaurants

This is a condensed (free version) of the full Mojito layout, available on Divi Cloud & Elegant Marketplace, focused on Bars and Restaurants .

This layout is utilizing a grid layout that allows you to create blocks of info within the site, that combined with All-In-One-Extended-Module plugin, you can create awesome rollovers that reveal more info. without cluttering up the landing page. You can decide whether you add some imagery, or just branded colors, there is also a condensed version of a click and reveal menu, allowing you to add a well rounded drink or food menu, that won’t take up the whole page until clicked.

Being such a huge fan of the AIO Extended Module plugin, I am trying to show the possibilities of each grid element, and what you can do for your bar/restaurant client. More info. below is provided about the AIO Extended Module.

Download Mojito Remixed .json file:



Step 1: Download and UnZip the Mojito Remixed .json file.

Step 2: Open a new Page (activate Divi) and Click the Import layout icon in top right corner, import .json file directly to the page, you don’t need to load into Divi Library.

Step 3: You will need the “All-In-One-Extended” Module as wel as the Divi Map Extended module for this layout, you can find that HERE

Finding Clients: Did you know that a high percentage of bar & restaurant websites are horrible!? They’re not mobile friendly, there are too many bells and whistles, not updated often, and don’t accept reservations or offer online ordering.

Taking Reservations & Online Ordering are essential

New Restaurant & Bar stats:  According to the National Restaurant Association – Restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $799 billion in 2017. Although this will represent the eighth consecutive year of real growth in restaurant sales, the rate of growth remains moderate. The restaurant industry will remain the nation’s second-largest private sector employer with a workforce of 14.7 million.

So this is promising for you and restaurants / bars in your area. In the USA you can get lead ideas by finding out who is opening in your area…  http://www.restaurant.org/News-Research/Research/Facts-at-a-Glance

In the UK check out https://www.statista.com/topics/3131/restaurant-industry-in-the-united-kingdom-uk/

I’m sure you can find similar data in your neck-of-the-woods by searching for: “restaurant facts at a glance” for your city, state or country.

You may decide it’s worth pursuing to get bar business in your area, or not.

Divi All-In-One Module aka Perky Animate

Add tons of options to your divi sections or modules. Rollovers, animated images. Custom All-In-One Extended Module, in short, Perky Animate. This is a very powerful tool for extending the capabilities of any Divi module, buttons, animated text and lines, pop up videos, hover and reveal secondary information, the list goes on and on.

Learn more here.


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