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MLS Integrated Real Estate Website, Built with Divi

MLS Integrated Real Estate Website, Built with Divi

Have you ever wondered how in the heck do you tap into the MLS / IDX database for realtors? Especially if you’re like me, a designer, not a database technician / coder / programmer. Well, after a few past failed (with other MLS systems) attempts, and ongoing research, I have finally come across a great way for us WYSIWYG designers to get very technical and apply the MLS goods for your Real Estate Agent clients. So this is how to get your MLS Integrated Real Estate Website, Built with Divi.

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“Don’t waste your time with other integration systems, unless you code, here is the answer.”


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So Yes, I’m cutting to the chase, and I couldn’t be more happy to use iHomeFinder. And to be clear, THIS IS NOT AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISEMENT.

However, if you are a Real Estate Broker, Agent, or a designer that wants to bring their website to the next level, I’m sharing this with you. I have tried other MLS integration systems, and found that without a lot of custom coding, CSS tricking out, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for.

I tried IDX broker, and found it to be extremely thorough, but very difficult to integrate it with Divi. It does require coding, and a bit of trickery, that I am not prepared for. I came across a few other interesting sites that do it all for you, just pay a monthly fee, and use one of their cookie cutter sites they provide you , and you’re good to go, but who doesn’t want CUSTOMIZATION?

So, upon coming across iHomeFinder.com, I happy to see a free 30 day trial, so that I could build a sample site for my immediate clients, all of it is controlled by a plugin settings, some of it iHF side, and some of it locally installed in Divi. Then just like most other extensive plugins, you just apply [shortcode] into just about any module you want. Did I mention it is also RESPONSIVE!

Sold. And so were my clients.

REALTORS / BROKERS: Find out how you can get your site custom built with MLS integration today!


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