Caribbean Art in an Ancient Japanese style

Showing at this years Miami Art Basel 2015

Caribbean Art in Miami Art Basel 2015

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Contemporary Caribbean Art Painted in an Ancient Japanese Style – Miami Art Basel 2015

Miami artist Mark Richmond unveils his unique style of art at Miami Art Basel 2015. Using a blend of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock art, and Caribbean subject matter, Mark introduces his Havana Serie No. 1, labled like a Cuban Cigar. Capturing the Caribbean lifestyle via Havana, Cuba, his works portray, simple people, doing their simple pleasures in life, playing dominoes, working the tobacco fields, walking downtown.

Mark’s appreciation for the Cuban and Caribbean culture, the music, the food, the clothes, and yes, rum and cigars, are all a part of what influences his works. What separates him from the rest, is his other influence, Japanese tattoo and Ukiyo-e Woodblock art. Richmond’s large painting of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, depicts the old man and his prize Marlin, in a distinctive heavy lined, bold colored manner, and Hokusai style waves splashing around the fish and boat.

This style captures the essence of Caribbean art at Art Basel 2015 Miami

Domino by Mark Richmond - Miami Art Basel 2015
The Old Man and the Sea - Miami Art Basel 2015



The Old Man and the Sea

40″ x 60″

Acrylic and Ink

Deep sided,

antiqued wood panel

Harvest by Mark Richmond, Miami Art Basel 2015

Capturing the

Essence of the



Art Basel

Miami 2015

El jefe by Mark Richmond - Miami Art Basel 2015

Mark Wesley Richmond

Miami Artist

Born in 1969 in Pasadena, CA, Mark Richmond’s unique style combines the use of ink, acrylic and spray paint, on either wood or traditional large canvases. He describes his work as a “modernistic approach to ancient Japanese style”, although the subject matter is mostly Caribbean themed.
Upon graduating with a fine arts degree from SDSU in 1992, Richmond has created his own successful clothing line held in stores like Hot Topic, Macy’s, and the Navy Exchange. He also worked developing characters and game design in the video game industry. Today he has his own art studio near Naples, Florida with his wife and two sons.
Richmond’s well known piece was commissioned by the San Diego International Airport, a 25ft Koi and Egret piece located in Terminal One / United Airlines check-in center.
Currently, Richmond is working on various tropical themed paintings in his trademark style, showing in Hawaii, San Diego, Scottsdale, and Miami.

See his works at Miami Art Basel 2015 -location to be announced soon!

For more information about Mark Richmond’s art, please visit:

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