Mermaids Found off the Miami Coast

Mermaid Orisha art by Mark Richmond - Richmond Art Studio

Mermaid Found off the Miami Coast

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Limited Edition Prints of Mark Richmond’s Mermaid Art – Orisha

One of Mark Richmond’s most popular pieces, “Orisha” – Mermaid art, painted in Mark’s trademark Japanese tattoo style, has hit the shores of Miami. And now is available to you, but only in limited quantity of 20 prints.

Mark has teamed up with his friends at Confero Art Collective to bring you these beautifully done prints on wood or metal, available in two different sizes 12″x 24 and 24″ x 48″.  Because this mermaid art was originally painted to have a Japanese woodblock look, Mark recommends the print on wood, however the print on metal looks just as insanely great!


Mermaid Art - Orisha - by Mark Richmond

A little bit about Confero Art Collective’s printing process

Mark wouldn’t just let anyone take his mermaid art and print it, he works with among the best in the business.

Confero Art Collective is a creative place for people that are passionate about art.

Their goal is to produce high quality Fine art and Photography using the latest in art reproduction technology. They hope you are as passionate as we are to fill walls with creativity and color.

Confero specializes in reproducing art on to interesting substrates, such as Wood, Brushed Metal, Canvas, ArtCOR, and Fine Art Paper.

limited to only 20 pieces in each size range, Mark Richmond’s mermaid art “Orisha”, starts at only $100.

To view the limited edition prints please visit Mermaid Art page

And to see the rest of Mark Richmond’s limited edition prints, see here

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