For the longest time I have tried different “make your site fast” tips and tricks. I found I couldn’t have everything I wanted on my page. I would run speed tests on sites like Pingdom and get “D” results, need to minify this and that, what tha heck is minify? There are many tricks and plugins that can help you do all those things, but I am not one of those designers.

make your site fast with WP Rocket

I want something that takes care of that for me. I saw an ad for WP Rocket, which launches upon activation, seriously minimal configuration, and yes I did get immediate results. My speed dropped from 9 seconds with a 3MB site, to just 1.43 seconds! Sold.

This is short and sweet, WP ROCKET is the way to go, if you’re not the type to comb through every little corner, and you just want “something else” to get you to some fast load times. Oh, and I can still comb through and most likely get this speed and score much better.

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