Easy WordPress Site Transfer

to your new hosting destination

Yeah I said it… Easy WordPress Site Transfer to a new hosting destination. Tried and tested, expecting the worst, and maybe even a few dozen plugins before I get it right. DO NOT just try to export your site, and then import it to your new destination hosting site… you will not get all your photos, and I’m pretty sure quite a few plugins will be missing.


So enough of that, getting right to it now… USE WP CLONE!!! After installing the plugin in your existing hosted site, with one click, it will save a giant .zip file of your site, it then gives you a link of that .zip file. You then copy that link, go to your new hosted site, with your theme already installed, in my case Divi (with your Child theme already installed too!), download the WP CLONE plugin on the new site. After clicking on the wp clone tab, It will then ask you to paste the .zip url and then click submit. I kid you not, voila, after a few minutes, it’s all there.

It does state that if your site is over 65MB, you may have some issues, so maybe leave out those heavy video files, and god forbid you have 65MB of photos in your site, jk, not really.

Here’s the link to this great transfer tool:


I would love to hear if you did this, and did not have a good experience.

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