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By Mark Richmond

JULY 22, 2016 | Divi Dojo

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With the latest Showcase of Divi site developers on the Elegant Themes blog, you may have noticed that some of the sites that stand out the most are using duotone graphics. Back in early 2015 Spotify launched an ad campaign that made everyone go nuts for these cool duotone images that are fairly quick and easy to do, but definitely not just a click of the button and its done sort of thing.

Very simplified monotone / duotone image by doers.sg


Two more examples of Duotone imagery by (top to bottom)

Converge  &  Spotify

How is all this done? It’s utilizing a combination of first (IN PHOTOSHOP) cutting out your featured image you want to use, and pasting it on it’s own layer. Next creating a Layer Mask for that image. Next by going to ( Layer tab | New Adjustment Layer | Gradient Map ).  You’ll notice you can create multiple gradients within just the image. From there it’s just a matter of linking this gradient map to the cut out image ( Layer | Layer Mask | Link ) This will apply the gradient to just the clipped out image.

Below are 2 great video tutorials that walk through the steps mentioned above, the first is slower easy going step-by-step for beginners, and the second by Spoon Graphics, is a little more advanced and faster descriptions.


This video has a very detailed and slower walk-thru, great if you’re a little it newer to Photoshop, you’ll get the exact same results as the advanced tutorial on the next slide.


This has the same duotone creating as the previous tutorial, but really blows through the Photoshop elements, great for those with good working knowledge of Photoshop and want to get to the gradient making faster.


From Blog Spoon Graphics – Over 500MB!

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