All In One Extended Module

A powerful everything you can stuff into a module tool.


(plugin sold separately)

Structured for a small biz / tech company, start-up landing page.

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Tours layout for Divi Cloud and Booking Plugins

Divi All In One Extended Module

A module that allows you to create rollovers that work flawlessly on phones and tablets, with animations and tons of options. If any complaint there are too many options, but is that really a complaint, I think not. This is a daily workhorse module that you will use over and over.

Created by: Divi Web Design

Here’s what they have to say about their AIO Extended Module.

“Impress your visitors with a whole new experience! The Divi All-In-One Extended module provides a comprehensive suite of customizations that helps you easily create dynamic text effects, image effects, background, overlay and more.”

I personally use it almost every day, and love it. This inspired me to create the following layout (below) that shows off some of the capabilities of AIO Extended.

I’m not going to get long winded about details, you can read more here >

Divi Dojo Co Divi Layout for small business

Divi Dojo Co – Divi Layout for Small Business

Focused on small business or a tech start-up, this layout is structured to save you time on figuring out options to use for All In One Extended module. The rollovers in this layout can be used anywhere, just save them out as Library sections. Enjoy.

Download the layout here:


Step 1: Get the All-In-One Extended Module

Step 2: Import the .json layout directly to the page, not from within the Divi Library.

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