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There are tons of plugins, add-ons, marketing tips, etc. out there that can make your head spin, these 7 ways to boost your Divi website, are essential!  I use them all, and more, but I am limiting it to a chosen 7, we’ll cover more in another future post.

Using my best collective judgement after spending the last 20 years honing my ninja skills in marketing and web design, I have compiled this list divided into several categories, marketing, design and plugins for your Divi WordPress website. There are so many great designers out there, and I encourage each and every one of you to seek out the best in design always, but many skip other key elements to what makes a great website. The same goes for those who focus too much on wordy marketing without great design, and developers too, it’s not ALL about the shortest clean code without proper design and marketing uniquely combined to make an awesome Divi page as well as boost your Divi website along the way.


1.Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer –
headline-analyzerWhat is the first thing someone sees, once  you post your brand new article or blog post… that’s right, the headline. For the longest time, I always thought a short and sweet headline was the best, WRONG. Sometimes a well worded, semi-long title is the best, now does this mean make long headlines? No. The Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer grades your headline with a very concise breakdown of what you mostly did wrong, and plenty of tips to make it right. This is a must use, it only take a few minutes, IT’s FREE, and it will help  boost your Divi website marketing results.

They also offer this handy dandy – “power words” .pdf download to help you put together that perfect headline. Download Here

And their insanely helpful “Marketing Resource Center” See Here


2. Un-Marketing
un-marketingPioneer’d by Scott Stratten, plain and simple “STOP MARKETING / START ENGAGING” – You may or may not know about this marketing genius, as a designer / developer, most likely not, however, his marketing approach can greatly affect how you go about creating designs or developing a layout for marketing purposes.

For example, sell a product, or service, without visually blasting out that product or service! Focus on the “get to know the person behind the product or service”. Get to know what people do via social media, bond with likness discussions about various topics, they in turn get to  know you for what you do, and boom, sales do happen.

View the site Here

“It’s not just knowledge people buy from you, it’s the application of the knowledge for their specific situation.”

Scott Stratten


3.Create a Mood Board – Pixel & Oak –
mood-boardA good design, has a beginning, a good beginning to design, includes a mood board. This can easily set the tone for you and your client, allowing for a connection between you and that client to have smooth sailing the rest of the way. This stage is fun for the design process, you get the cruise around the internet, grab whatever, wherever, keeping in mind a few key things: listen to what your client wants as far as look and feel (retro, gothic, classic, turn of the century, western?), and you take it from there. This will !important! really hold the client to their word, and you won’t be going back and  forth with web layout after web layout. Sure there is always that one client that know what they don’t like, but have no idea what they like… again that will be for another post, another time.

If you sign up to Pixel & Oak’s newsletter, they will let you download their custom made mood board templates. See Here


4. Paletton
paletton-screenPlane and simple, it’s a structured palette chooser, that will help keep your choice in color use well within acceptable tones. This really helps if your world is heavy in development, but not so much in design, however, I’ve been designing for years, and I still use this tool to come up with a great color set for my client.

Check it out Here


5. Pingdom – Website Speed Test –

pingdomAnother straight forward, yet very important tool is having a handy website speed tester to hop over to and test out your latest design. Pingdom has this FREE TOOL that will give you plenty of percentages, grading system, and a pretty detailed result listing as to what parts of your site should be adjusted.

Check it out Here


6. Add Twitter Timeline to Widget, (No Plugin) –
twitter-timelineThis is straight off of the Twitter Developer area of twitterverse. The have all the “copy and paste” code you need to display text or picture based tweets based on your account information, or anyone else’s for that matter, very easy to use.

See Here



7. Metricool
metricool-imageIs really cool, the free version, gives you by the month, week, day or live feed statistics on who is on your site, from where, what pages they are on (up to the minute).  They also have a paid service that allows you to track any #keyword, live and on the spot!

This will really help you figure out instant statistics on a landing page, beyond and with a cooler interface than Google Analytics. However, I recommend you carry them both.

See Here


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