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Whether it’s a re-design, or something brand new, we’ll create a site that gets you the results you need for your business.

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Divi website design

Whether it is a few fixes, a re-design, or a completely brand new site, Divi Dojo is up for the task at hand. First by listening to your ideas and what your end goal is to your site, then we help you get to that goal quickly and affordably. Thank you ahead of time for giving Divi Dojo this opportunity to create your next Divi website design.

Project: Website Re-Design

Working together we followed their pre-existing style guide, and brought their site up to date with impactful imagery and highly useful user-experience throughout.


Project: Blogsite Re-Design

Science of People needed a complete update of their blogging site, modernizing it while at the same time, not losing it’s already well established SEO.

LA Laser Center

Project: Website Re-Design

This site was already very large in the beginning, and involved not only designing the main corporate site, but all 20 location pages created as mini home pages with seperate appointment setting integration.


Project: Website Re-Design

We took the approach to modernize, as well as streamlining some of Adventist Colleges recruitment processes on the site.


Custom Layouts:

Ready for bookings and tours.


Custom Layouts

Ready for any theme.


Project: Website Re-Design

For digital trasformation and growth based on web insights.

Need a new website? We’d love to help.

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Where Web Design Ninjas Work For You.
Divi website design

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