Leslie Wagner

is a Consulting professional with extensive experience assisting entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMBs and large-corporations in the management of their intellectual property portfolio including; end-to-end contract management and administration, business strategy development, project management, and product launch activities. With considerable professional and legal training, Leslie has spent more than 15 years applying her knowledge to every facet of business development and IP management.  So far during her career, Leslie has had the opportunity to work with many industry-leading companies such as:


Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)

Microsoft Corporation



Akonix Systems, Inc.

Research in Motion (RIM)



…and many more.


Leslie has been directly involved in product launch and product management activities for more than 100 products/services to enter commercialization and has licensed more than 125 companies to develop their own products. In many areas, Leslie has served as a critical project team member working alongside various business functions such as: finance, sales, product managers, supply chain, and engineering; providing analytical and procedural support to define project/program goals and risk acceptance criteria.  Leslie has worked with Engineering teams to revise project management and application development lifecycle schedules in order to introduce checklists/workflows in order to eliminate product development and/or strategy deficiencies, resulting in decreased product introduction delays.


Her success in product and brand management has been achieved by carefully assessing the business strategy and properly aligning it with an organization’s contractual commitments in the areas of customer, vendor and channel management.  Leslie has been responsible for managing, drafting and negotiating complex multi-million dollar domestic and international commercial contracts such as: software licenses, OEM agreements, channel partner agreements, patent licenses, sales agreements, master purchase agreements, trademark licenses, NDAs, maintenance renewals, and quotations.  She has collaborated with Sales and Marketing teams to establish contractual requirements, guidelines, and procedures for the licensing of intellectual property, including rights of: manufacture, distribution, sale, and promotion by OEMs, resellers and channel partners.  Leslie offers a 360° perspective on managing distribution channels for the final product/service, including licensing and use of trademarks by 3rd parties.


Working with Outside Counsel, Leslie has been involved in many areas of patent management, including: the filing of patent applications, responding to office actions, initiating new US and foreign filings, obtaining engineering documentation, assignments, powers of attorney, approving issue fees, and renewals.  She has extensive experience in the area of systems development; planning and implementing systems, policies and procedures to facilitate the efficient management of an organization’s complete IP portfolio including: contracts and records management/retention/retrieval; domain, patent and trademark database tracking systems, source code and component parts management systems, and customer/vendor management.  Leslie has also managed export administration requirements including the clearance of new products, preparation and submission of export control reports to the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).


Leslie has also worked with business teams to establish Business Qualification and Vendor Qualification guidelines for customer and vendor management.  Both processes included selection, order processing, payment processing, dispute resolution, compliance, credit terms, reporting requirements, scorecard criteria, and renewal requirements.  These processes help to ensure that customers and vendors are routinely monitored for compliance and that performance standards are met, thus enabling the business to operate more efficiently.


Leslie has and will prove to be an excellent resource for your organization.  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, start-up, SMB, or large-corporation, Leslie has the experience, capacity, and vision to help you be successful in your business endeavor.

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